BIOL 237 Human Anatomy and Physiology I, Spring 2008.

Professor Jim Swan, Office: NRPH B16B, Phone: 272-5380, E-mail:

Office Hours: Wed. 8:30->10:30 AM, Thurs. 9:30->10:30, and by appointment.

Class Times: Section 001: Tues., 11->12:15 PM, Kiva Auditorium

Section 130: Thurs., 11->12:15 PM, Kiva Auditorium

BIOL 237 is a hybrid course, meaning that content and work will be delivered online via WebCT. []

Course Description

(Prerequisites: A combination of either BIO 123L/124L or BIOL 201 and CHEM 111L or CHEM 121L). Anatomy and Physiology I is an integrated study of human structure and function that covers histology, and the integumentary, skeletal, muscular, and nervous systems. BIOL 237 is a major's-level course designed to meet the needs of students primarily in the allied health sciences, and its curriculum and testing is oriented toward those students. It is NOT an introductory level course. There is an accompanying laboratory, BIOL 247L. These courses are designed to complement one another and it is strongly suggested that they be taken together.


Course Goal: The goal of this course is to prepare students with the knowledge and skills needed for success in their professional programs in the health sciences and related fields.


Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

        Identify and describe the major anatomical features of the integumentary, skeletal, muscular, and nervous systems.

        Identify and describe the functional characteristics of the major tissues of the human body.

        Integrate the anatomy and physiology of the organ systems.

        Infer function from anatomical structure.

        Describe the roles of the organ systems in maintaining homeostasis.

        Critically discuss the physiological processes of the above systems.

        Answer questions of an analytical nature and formulate solutions to analytical problems.


Course Requirements and Policies

Students are expected to attend class and are responsible for obtaining information about missed work and assignments or announcements. Students wishing to withdraw must do so through I-tel. All withdrawals by 18 April, 2008. automatically will receive a WP. After that date students must receive approval of college dean and will receive WP or WF as appropriate.


*Text: Swan, J. 2007. Human Anatomy and Physiology for the Health Sciences, Part 1, 1st Ed., Pearson Education. Students will also need an iClicker for classroom participation.


Grading Procedure:

Two 60-point unit tests will be given, plus a 120-point Final Exam, which is cumulative over the entire semester (total 240 points). There will be 8 assignments worth 5 points each (40 pts), submitted via WebCT, and 10 quizzes worth 10 points each (100 pts), also via WebCT. 20 points will be given for participation, which will include both in-class and online activities. Some of the assignments will require group participation. Final grade will be based on points earned out of 400 possible: 392-400 (98%) = A+, 360-391 (90%) = A, 356-359 (89%) = A-, 352-355 (88%) = B+, 320-351 (80%) = B, 316-319 (79%) = B-, 312-315 (78%) = C+, 280-311 (70%) = C, 276-280 (69%) = C-, 272-275 (68%) = D+, 240-271 (60%) = D, 236-239 (59%) = D-, <236 = F. Any extra points available will be added to point total. Extra points will not count toward a grade of A+.








[Sample Tests]

Week 1

Jan. 22, 24

Introduction to Course

Chapters 1, 2


Week 2

Jan. 29, 31


Chapter 3

[Intro-Histology Sample]

[Cilia Video]

Week 3

Feb. 5, 7

Integumentary System

Chapters 4


[Integument Sample]

Week 4

Feb. 12, 14

Skeletal System

Chapter 5

[Skeletal System Sample]

[Bone Video]

Week 5

Feb. 19, 21

Skeletal System (contd.)


[Bones Sample]

Week 6

Test 1



Week 7

Mar. 4, 6



Chapter 6

[Arthrology Sample]

Week 8

Mar. 11, 13

Muscular System 1


Chapter 7


[Muscular System Sample]

March 16-23 Spring Break - No Classes

Week 9

Mar. 25, 27

Muscular System 2



Week 10

Apr. 1, 3

The Skeletal Muscles

[Muscle List]

[Muscle Actions Page]

[Muscles Sample]

Week 11

Test 2



Week 12

Apr. 15, 17

Neurology and

The Spinal Cord

Chapters 8, 9

[Neurology Sample]

Week 13

Apr. 22, 24


Chapter 11

[Neurophysiology Sample]

Week 14

Apr. 29, May 1

The Brain and

Cranial Nerves

Chapter 10

[Brain Sample]

[Lateral Brain Diag]

[Sagittal Brain Diag]

Week 15

May 6, 8

Autonomic NS

Chapter 12

[Autonomic Sample]

Week 16

Final Exam



Text Box: Start by going to WebCT Vista at and check for browser problems. Login using your UNM Net ID and password.  Click on this course and look for the icon which says "Start Here".  This page will give you the basics of navigating the course materials and also how to earn 5 extra points by doing the Introduction Assignment.
Text Box: Tentative Semester Schedule